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Scavenger Hunts

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 What are Scavenger Hunts-- or Web Links?


  • Want to help your students improve their reading and comprehension skills?


  • Is problem solving a skill you want your students to practice?


  • Would you like your students to search the Internet safely and effectively?


  • Do you want your students to gain information and analyze and use the informatio


 According to Education World:


  • "Online scavenger hunts are easy to create and the resulting interactive searches are both fun and informative for students.


  • The hunts can be geared to virtually any curriculum area, simultaneously providing students with technological and subject matter knowledge.


  • Online scavenger hunts can be used as a whole class activity, as a team activity, or as a means of providing individual students with review or challenge activities.


  • Scavenger hunts can be as simple or involved as circumstances dictate. Younger students may be provided with only a few questions, along with the links or URLs necessary for finding the answers, while older students may be given only a broad topic and asked to find their own sources for obtaining necessary information. "


 Learning About Scavenger Hunts



Christmas Around the World Scavenger Hunts 


Scavenger Hunt 1


Scavenger Hunt 2


Scavenger Hunt 3


Scavenger Hunt 4





Scholastic's Cyber-Hunt Page for Kids 


Celebrate the Century:

Search the Web for U.S. History of the 1930s



Guided Tours 


Greenvalley Scavenger Hunt Resource Page 


Education World: Scavenger Hunts


School Scavenger Hunts


Web Scavenger Hunts  


Scavenger Hunts for Kids


Internet Hunt Activities created by Cindy O'Hora


Web Knowledge (Scavenger) Hunts for Elementary Education


Marcopolo --- search for Scavenger Hunts



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