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Scavenger Hunt

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Questions For Scavenger Hunt #1


  1. What kind of trees are decorated at Christmas time in India?

    Internet Resource:  Christmas in India


    Trees in India 

  2. Christmas trees are not commonly used in Greece.  What is the main symbol of the season in most Greek homes?

    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Greece  Shallow wooden bowl with pieces of wire suspended across the rim with basil.



  3. In the Netherlands, what do children leave in their shoes as a gift for Sinterklaas's horse?

    Internet Resource: Christmas in the Netherlands   The children leave hay for the horse in hope of getting candy.



  4. The Christmas season starts in Estonia with the lighting of _______________ candles.

    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Estonia



  5. In rural areas of Jamaica, holiday celebrations include a ___________________, a form of parade and festivities brought from Africa.

    Internet Resource:  Christmas in Jamaica



  6. On what date does Christmas begin in Sweden?

    Internet Resource: Christmas in Sweden



  7. What is one of the most popular Christmas tree ornaments in Japan? 

    Internet Resource: 

    Christmas in Japan



     8.  How do Venezuelans in the capital city of Caracas get to church services on Christmas Eve?

         Internet Resource: Christmas in Venezuela



      9. What do Romanian children often do on Christmas night?

         Internet Resource: Christmas in Romania



      10. What is the name of the special porridge eaten at Christmas Eve dinner in many homes in Russia?

          Internet Resource:   Christmas in Russia

          http://www.christmas-day.org/christmas-in-russia.html  Kutya


      11. In Luxembourg, "Kleeschen" is another name for __________ who comes from the heavens to reward children who have been good.

          Internet Resource:   Christmas in Luxembourg 



      12. On what day during the holiday season are gifts traditionally exchanged in Slovakia?

         Internet Resource: Slovaks and Christmas Traditions  Dec 6



     13.  What kind of fruit is often found in the stockings of children who live in the Canadian Prairies?  Japanese Oranges

        Internet Resource: Canadian Christmas



     14. What is the main holiday decoration in most Mexican homes?

       Internet Resource:  Mexican Christmas Traditions   el Nacimiento   a nativity scene


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