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Resources on the Web (Categorized)

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English Language Arts




Research/ References


Chemlab Chemistry Resources
Learning Center for Young Astronomers Eye on the Sky (Elem.)          
American Museum of Natural History - Ology    Science WOW Factory
Understanding Genetics Science Fair Projects - Resource Guide
NASA                                                                                  Free 3D Science Clip Art

Sites For Teachers

Graphic Organizers - TeacherVision Cooperative Learning - Laura Candler
Graphic Organizers - Eduplace Quiz Tree
Teach-nology Robert Munsch
Rubric Builder Teacher Helpers-- Assessment & Rubrics
Rubrician.Com Rubrics 4 Teachers
Project Based Learning Checklists Funbrain
Discovery School Tech Learning
Project Based Learning Links Tried and True
Timeless Teacher Stuff            *** ABC Teach
Activities for ESL Students Dave's ESL Cafe
Weekly Reader for Teachers Math Stories - TAKS correlated -
Wikipedia iwebquests
Blackwell's Best Dr. LeBeau's Homepage
Sites for Teachers Tools for the Classroom (Harmony Hollow)
Classroom Clipart Authors A-K
Authors L-Z Safe Sites with Educational Copyright Permission
Educational Cyber Playground Blue Web'n
Our Overnight Planning System - OOPS *** Tony Brewer             ***
Global School Network Thinkport - Free Registration
Layered Curriculum - Help 4 Teachers Brainy Betty - Free Content!        **

Sites for Kids

Social Studies



October Internet Resources: http://tinyurl.com/24y97a


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