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Photostory 3 Resources

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 Learn about Photo Story 3 by reading the Wikipedia entry.


Learn to use Photostory 3! Because people learn differently, I have listed both print and video resources that will walk you through creating a photostory... but first you will need to download Media Player (at least 10) and Photostory 3... the links are below.


  • Instructions to create a Photostory Photostory (2).pdf  Print this out and follow it though step by step to create a photostory.
  • Before you begin your story, you may want to put all the pictures you plan to use in one folder or you can just access them in "My Pictures." It makes it much easier when they are all in one place. If you want to create a new folder on your desktop or in My Documents... just put your cursor anywhere on your desktop, right click and choose new--- folder-- and then type in a name. Save everything for this story, including the project itself in this folder.
  • Create a Story from a Single Still Photo with Photo Story 3
  • Check out the Video Resources on this wiki



David Jakes-- Jakesonline- a wealth of resources! Check out his Photostory 3 tutorials. These 11 tutorials will step you through the entire process...


Resources for Audio Files:


** Please check the user responsibilities and agreements when using these sites.


Resources for Pictures or images:

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