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Internet Sites of the Month

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 January Calendars of events and resources


       Just click on a day in the calendar and you'll have access to information about historical events on every day of the year!  Each page contains many links to other information and resources. 



EdHelper January Themes



This site has a little of everything for teachers. There are many categories to check out with TONS of resources!


               is one of the "Site Sets." on Eduhound.

Theme Day 

Day long thematic units are available for $19.95 per month. There are 2 free themes to check out.


New South Wales Antarctic


Classroom Antarctica --

A comprehensive online teaching resource produced by the Australian Antarctic Division.

It is particularly aimed at grades 5 to 8.


Weather Wiz Kids 

This is a great resource for kids weather information.



Videos, games, resources, information, and teacher guides






Popcorn (Popcorn day is January 22)


This Day in History-- History.com 


Time for Kids-- Around the World 




Celebrate 100 Days of School:




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