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Digital Storytelling

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Digital Storytelling...


Learn from the best:




From 2009 NECC -- Digital Storytelling: My Top 10 Lessons Learned


Teach Digital: Curriculum by Wes Fryer---

                                              Digital Storytelling


Jakes Online: Digital Storytelling resources and examples


Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling


Life 'round here - Digital Storytelling Project Wiki


Digital Cameras in the Primary Classroom




Find a Story... Map a Story... Tell a Story


Beginner's Guide to Photostory


Using Technology creatively, effectively and wisely...



Oral-History Projects Bring Core Subjects to Life

Students become conduits between history and a person's life.


Creating Family Timelines: Graphing Family Memories and Significant EventsThe one area that students are the best authorities on is their own memories and experiences. In this lesson, students participate in read-alouds and discussions about memories and family. After this exploration, students brainstorm questions to ask family members in order to learn more about important and/or memorable family events. Once students determine a list of questions, they interview family members, taking notes on the events and giving each a positive or negative rating. Using their interview notes, students create a graphic family timeline which includes illustrations or photographs.


The Case for Digital Storytelling--

 A workshop presented by Wesley A. Fryer


Memory's Voices, a Guide to Digital Storytelling - There is a "cookbook" for developing stories on this site -  Lots of great resources.


Digital Stories are short, personal, multimedia tales. Written with feeling and in the first person there's a strictness to their construction: 250 words, a dozen or so pictures, and two minutes is about the right length. Photobus--- David Meadows


Learn to use Photostory 3 in your classroom!





Assessing Teacher Technology Projects



Rubrics for Digital Video Projects



Assessment and Rubric Information



Digital Video Assignment Sheet and Evaluation Plan



Assessment - Teacher Process for Digital Video



Assessment Rubric for Video Project



Digital Video Editing Rubric



Multimedia Project Rubric



Digital Storytelling Rubric with self and peer evaluation portion



Rubric for different components of digital story



Rubric for digital Story

Student Work Rubric.doc


Digital Storytelling Resources and examples


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